Tarte Eyeliner – Cobalt

Hey Guys!

I tried the Cobalt pot from Tarte and thought I would give it a little review below.

I’ve never used a clay pot before, or liner that hasn’t come out of a pencil or a felt tip. I bought this liner on a total whim and (spoiler!) I am really happy I did.

Tarte really knows how to make great makeup. I don’t have much by them but I do love this clay pot and even thought about getting a black version of it when my felt tip Too Faced liner runs out.

The formula is so smooth, it grips onto the brush but not so much that it doesn’t come off on your lid. The color is so vibrant that you don’t need more than one or two swishes of your brush. The liner also stays all day, you don’t need a primer or anything under it. I haven’t tried it with eyeshadow yet but I will let you guys know when I do!

Here’s what my pot looks like! And the brush I use with it.


It costs US$21.00 & I can’t find the brush on the Sephora website but it’s the pro brush and I think it was US$17 but I’m not sure.

Tarte is also amazing and shows you how to do winged liner with the liner!

Below is a picture taken from the Sephora website of the other amazing colors they have!


Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 12.44.09 PM.png




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