Lippies I cannot Li[p]ve without

I’m not sure if the title works, but I kind of like it so…

Hey Guys!

I know I haven’t been super actively lately, but I’m going to try to be more since it’s now summer and I’ve finished with my junior year of college! Woot woot! So here is a post about my favorite lippies that I’ve tried this year 🙂 I hope y’all enjoy and hopefully find at least one of your favorites on this list.

In order of the swatches (found below)

  1. Teeny Tiny by ColorPop – This is a beautiful plum color! It’s an ultra matte and this baby does not leave your lips, no matter how much you eat or drink. The applicator is so soft and it glides along your lips. Usually with dark colors you need a liner, but with this liquid lipstick you do not! This liquid lipstick is only US$6 so it won’t break the bank!
  2. Ruffle Trim by NYX – I have mentioned this liquid lipstick so many times but it’s really the perfect nude. It’s a such a nice cinnamon pink, it is my go-to whenever I’m in a nude mood. It’s found in the drugstore (US$7) so it won’t break your bank either! This formula can be a little drying so definitely moisturize first!

The next two are a little bit more expensive!

3. Dolce (Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick) –  I just got this a couple weeks ago, and I absolutely love this lipstick. The formula is so smooth, it glides on your lips. It does stay all day (I ate pizza with it on and it lived through the oiliness). It’s not a pure matte, it has a little shimmer in it. It’s a shiney cinnamon pink but it does cost a pretty penny but if you want to treat yourself, I would totally recommend investing in it. (US$24)

Last but not least…

4. Reign (Metal Collection) by KylieCosmetics – Again, this liquid lipstick is not as pricey as the Stila one but it is still up there (US$18). I am not a big metal fan but this burgundy looks so good and in the sunlight it is bliiiinding. You do need to apply it once or twice during the day and the formula is a little drying… but if you’re going to invest in a metal and you don’t want it to be too shimmery, I would definitely recommend trying one of Kylie’s.


(LT-RT: Teeny Tiny, Ruffle Trim, Dolce, Reign).

Check out my instagram for pictures of the applicators!!




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