Kylie Cosmetics – Dazzle

Hey guys!

I’m guessing you already know but Kylie came out with her new Velvet Lipkits and I just could not help myself. So I decided to try one (because that’s all I can afford, oh so sad). I decided to try Dazzle! Which according to a website is a warm terracotta nude which is my kryptonite. So I thought it would be fun to review it!

Kyle and her team have outdone themselves. I love these velvet lipsticks, they are so pretty and the formula is less drying than the matte liquid lipsticks. The lipsticks are very, very pigmented and not watery at all. The lipstick doesn’t run, it can even stay without the liner (I actually prefer the velvet without the liner).

Here is the swatch below (taken from the website, I’ll upload a swatch on my skin tone to instagram soon!)

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.06.41 PM.png

I think this swatch is accurate but the lipstick fades to a lighter, brighter version of this shade so be careful. I think that you definitely have to reapply if you’re using this throughout the day for sure. But for a couple of hours, you should be good. Once it dries, it doesn’t really flake off (very minimal flaking).

I really love this lip color it’s been my go to ever since I got it a week ago. I would totally recommend getting one (if you can, if not I’m sure there are less expensive dupes out there!), the colors are beautiful! They sell for $27 dollars and now they are being paired with the blushes too!


I hope y’all liked it. Have a lovely weeks 🙂




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