Make Up For Ever – Artist 2

Hello Hello!

I’m sure if you’ve been following my blog for a little bit, you’d know how much I absolutely adore eyeshadow palettes. If there is one thing in makeup that I could not give up, it would be eyeshadow.

I recently decided to stray away from my lovely Anastasia Beverly Hills and Too Faced addiction and try Make Up For Ever’s Artist 2 Palette (which was also on sale at Sephora so bonus!)

Here’s my review of Make Up For Ever’s Artist 2 Shadow Palette

The colors in this palette are a lot brighter than I am used too. I usually stay close to my warm and nude colors, only going to cool colors with using my Boudior Eyes palette (which is amazing, I would recommend).

Make Up For Ever #2 Colors You Crave Artist Palette

It’s a really cool palette, I have some neutral-ish shades at the top, three bright ones in the middle and then three darker but unique shades at the bottom. Thankfully, Make Up For Ever also includes a little handy-dandy lookbook so that you can get inspired with different looks. This is really helpful when it comes to the bright colors as you don’t want to look like a middle schooler again. Apparently the pink and the purple are supposed to be blushes, but I just use them as shadows because I am not really a blush person.

The pigment is good, they are easy enough to blend but sometimes the shadows do put up a little bit of a fight. The packaging is a little heavy, I was suprised when I unwrapped it from my box and felt the weight. I like that it comes with a full sized mirror, but I kept the plastic seperator between the mirror and the shadows because there is quite a bit of fall out espically if you’re travelling with this palette.

The dark green and dark purple do take a little convincing to get onto your brush so be carefully because I found myself almost scrapping the palette and then ending up with too much on my eye. However for a palette that only cost be US$25.00 instead of US$44.00 – it was a good buy. But I think I’ll stick to Anastasia and Too Faced (and maybe Tarte if I can get my hands on one of their palettes).

Those are just my initial thoughts, if anything changes I’ll create another post!

Have a lovely Wednesday y’all!





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