Glossy Box!

Hey guys!

In order to expand my makeup collection, I decided to try out a couple of box services. I did BoxyCharm in Janurary but wasn’t too happy with it so I decided to try GlossyBox instead.

Below is my review of the products!

  1. BC Smooth Percet Smoothing Cream by Schqarzkopf Professional USA: I am very particular about what I put into my hair because it is very voumious, frizzy and curly. So I was a little hestiant about putting the cream on but it was totally worth it! It protected my hair from the heat as well as smooth it out. My straight hair has never looked better. Price: US$21.00
  2. Pink Gel Coat by Perfect Formula: This product is to strengthen, brighten and protect your natural nails. I got acrylic nails many months ago and I still felt like my nails were really weak. But when I used this product, I instantly felt like my nails got stronger and were healthier. I really liked this product, I thought it was very unique and had a lot of good qualities. I thought my nails were a lot stronger after using it and I liked that you could put nail polish on top of it! Price: US$30.00
  3. Retro Brow – Prime & Extend Duo by Nutraluxe MD: This product was okay. I’m not big on brow products so the product really has to wow me and I found that this product did not. The color didn’t match my eyebrow hair and I felt like the formula was very sticky and unpleasant on my brows. Would not recommend. Price: US$29.99
  4. L’Eau de Rose by Jeanne Arthes: This was a nice treat. Being in college I don’t really wear purfume a lot, therefore I don’t pack it with me but this scent was really nice and will definitly be what I use when I go out next! Price: US$26.00
  5. Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack by Estee Edit: This was by far my favorite product in the box! I am really getting into skin care lately, since I put on makeup pretty much every day and don’t want my skin to suffer. This cream is amazing, it is super small and you do not need a lot on your face. It left my skin radiant and so soft. The next day I felt a real change and am definitely going to get another one once I’m out. Price: US$50.00
  6. Overall GlossyBox Experience: I loved the glossybox for Feb, thought I would’ve liked more makeup products this was still a really good box to receive for the first one. I had fun testing out different products and exploring more within the beauty world. Would totally recommend to friends!



I hope you guys liked the review, I had so much fun with these products and cannot wait to receive the March box and write about it too!




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