Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick – Trendsetter

Hey Guys,

I recently invested in a Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick and here is my review of the color, formula and the wear-and-tear of this highly regarded lipstick!

Huda Beauty has only been a company for 4 years apparently? I am so happy that it was created, I have to stop myself from using this lipstick every day so that I can change up my look.

I picked Trendsetter because I love the burnt orange look especially because my eyeshadow is always warm tones. But since I buy online, I used Sephora’s handy dandy swatch list! Swatches for the different Huda Beauty lipsticks  (these are amazing).

  • This lipstick smells amazing! I love pulling it out of the tube, its like candy.
  • The formula is so soft, it glides on your lips and once it dries it stays throughout the day. I never have to reapply this lipstick.
  • The color is almost the same as Kylie Jenner’s Pumpkin, so if you have Pumpkin I would suggest not getting Trendsetter but definitely getting another color from Huda.
    • This is better quality than Kylie (Don’t get my wrong, Kylie’s lipkits are pretty great too), you don’t need to use a liner with this color.

Overall, I am really impressed with this liquid lipstick. I would definitely invest in another, I just can’t pick the color! So if anyone has any suggestions I would be eternally grateful!


*classic Huda beauty picture* 17204444_1506538966022937_139125355_n

Have a lovely weekend, lovelies!




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