NYX Lip Lipsticks

Hey Guys!

I know in my previous posts that I have been talking a lot about the NYX liquid lingerie lipsticks. I decided to make a small post with some swatches of the different colors.

These are my FAVORITE drugstore brand liquid lipsticks. I love the texture of these matte lipsticks, and the different colors. You can find your perfect nude or a perfect red or a beautiful lilac color. NYX really outdoes itself with the this line of liquid lipsticks.

I also think they are a very good dupe for a lot of the Kylie Cosmetics lipkits, however finding a liner can be a little challenging (but you still save SO much).


From Top to Bottom:

NYX has just come out with a bunch more shades, and I’m almost certain you can find at least two or three shades in this collection that you would really like. I can’t wait to go back to CVS or Target to get more of them. They apply very creamy and dry matte. You do have you apply once or twice during the day, depending on how much you eat or how much coffee you drink.

If there is anything else you want to know, leave a comment down below!




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