Too Faced or Two Faced? Boudoir Eyes

Hi Guys!

I feel like I’ve been writing a lot about my favorite Anastasia Beverly Hills products so I wanted to make a post dedicated to one of the first makeup brands that I tried. Too Faced is an amazing brand, they are cruelty free (which is very important to me), they always have great quality – I never feel like I pay more for this product than I should.

So, without further ado… here’s a little love for Too Faced eyeshadow palettes!


Here are my thoughts on the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette Soft and Sexy Eye! In my opinion, this is a really underrate Too Faced Palette. I know the chocolate bar palettes are really big and I think those are so pretty too. I have tons of friends who absolutely swear by the chocolate bar palettes.

The boudoir eyes palette gives me life! I normally do not wear cooler colors – but this is the only exception. I was lost when I first bought this palette, I didn’t know where to start I just loved the colors and it was an impulse buy! But, Too Faced is so lovely in that they included a little 3 step 3 minute guide with the palette. (The little guides are probably my favorite thing that comes with this palette). I have learnt how to do quick but beautiful eyeshadow in almost minute. I use this palette for when I am wearing something gold and sparkly but don’t really want to have sparkly eyelids. This compliments my outfits so well, almost like cool nudes for my eyes.


The shadows are very pigments, they do fall out a bit so make sure to tap your brush! They don’t crease if you use a good primer, like the Urban Decay Eye Potion. The eyeshadows have great transition shades and they stay well on their own (for the days you only want one eye shadow on your eyes and no blending). The palette is also set up very pleasingly, the colors all the their designated rows which makes creating a look very easy. You can also mix and match of course, this palette invites creativity.

(The names are so funny too, this palette makes me laugh every time I open it!)

I hope you liked this review, let me know what other palettes you want me to review in the comments.

*Side note, does anyone have the tartelette in bloom 2? Do they like it?




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