To buy or to not buy…

Hi Lovelies!

This post is dedicated to my ride or die palette, Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I know there is sooo much hype about this palette so I thought I would dedicate a post about it.

Anastasia does not disappoint! This palette has changed my life. I am a BIG supporter of the Too Faced Natural Eyes and Boudoir Eyes palette but MR has changed the way I think of pigment and easiness to apply. The MR palette has a beautiful arrangement of colors.

The palette starts with Tempera & Raw Sienna and ends with Cyprus Umber & Realgar. It transitions through beautiful red and pink shades: Red Ochre, Antique Bronze, Venetian Red, and Love Letter. This palette contains neutral and easy to blend shades like, Golden Ochre, and Burnt Orange. Buon Fresco, Warm Taupe and Realgar are beautiful shades to wear on their own or use to blend into a look. My absolute faves (which you can probably see from the picture) are Vermeer and Primavera. These two shimmery shades add a perfect highlight to the corner of your eyes or spread flawlessly over the top of the base eyeshadow. Tempera also works as a little highlighter if you want too.

The brush it comes with is wonderful too. The double end makes it the perfect compliment to the palette and the bristles are as soft as ever.

My only compliant with this palette is that unlike the Too Faced palettes the Anastasia palette’s don’t come with a guide. But never fear, after experimenting a lot with this palette after a couple of months of owning this beautiful product, I have some ideas down below! (Forgive me, they are very simple).

  1. Red Ochre as a base shadow and apply Antique Bronze on top.
  2. Golden Ochre as the base shadow, Burnt Orange blended into the crease and Primavera on top.
  3. Buon Fresco as the based shadow and Vermeer on top.
  4. Cyprus Umbre on the lid, Realgar in the crease (blended) and Antique Bronze on the lid.

If I come up with anymore, I’ll let y’all know! I hope you liked this post.

Have a lovely Friday.




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